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Updated v1.1 - Found an incorrect damage variable.  Was causing medics to be overpowered!

War of Crystals

A game made for Game Zanga 8
This s a Multiplayer game with a queue.  Bring a friend if you can't find a match for 1v1 fun!

War of Crystals is a minimalistic Tactical Real Time Strategy game where the ethos was to rip away all "fluff" and find what is the base of the RTS Genre.


  • 2 Unit Types
  • Capture the towers to get resources
  • No bases
  • No abilities
  • Just pure positioning and micro ability


Left click to select
Left click drag to select many
Shift-Left click to add or remove from selection group
Right click to issue commands (Move,  Attack)
1,2 Keys Shortcut to Unit Spawns


Click Queue to enter queue and try to find a match

You start the game with 2 Crystals and gain a Crystal every 10 seconds for each Tower you control.  Start by spawning a Marine (Shortcut key 1 or click the Marine Unit Button) and click near a tower to spawn. Move your marine to other towers to capture them.  You can stockpile a maximum of 5 crystals and you can have 5 units total (10 population).

Win by taking over your opponent's towers!


WarOfCrystals.1.1.win.zip 10 MB
WarOfCrystals.1.1.macos.zip 25 MB
WarOfCrystals.1.1.linux.zip 11 MB

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